Amanda Kate

Amanda Kate Kinesiology
Name: Amanda Kate
Location: 81 McKinnon Road, McKinnon, Victoria 3204
Languages spoken: English
Insurance: Yes
Qualifications: Diploma of Kinesiology
Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology (Kinesiopractic)
International Diploma of Kinesiology
Total Body Modification Modules 1, 2 and 3
Quantum Neurology
Advanced Hormones and Glands
Governing Body: Australian Institute of Kinesiologists
Specialities: PTSD, Abuse, Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Maladaption, Complex Trauma, Emotional Trauma and Pain, Anxiety and Depression, Hormonal Imbalances, Chronic Stress, Additction and Habit Change.
Working with Children Check: Yes
Working with Children Check number: 1129025A-02
Police check: No
Modes of Delivery: Face to Face, 1:1, Online, Couples and Groups
Availability: Monday to Thursday in clinic, other times by appointment
Contact Phone Number: 0468 361 747
Special instructions or requirements for booking:
Description: I am a transformational Kinesiopractic trained Kinesiologist based in South East and Bayside Melbourne who helps people to dismember who they think they are and remember who they are as soul beings.

I facilitate healing by finding the root cause of issues that are impacting and impeding physical, chemical, nutritional and emotional imbalances/stresses in my client’s bodies and energy fields.

Our lives get messied with belief patterns from the families we are born into, our society and everyone who crosses our path. We give ourselves labels based on what people tell us, what we hear and what we assume. We often keep ourselves small and stop ourselves from expanding to our fullest potential through fears, phobias and self talk.

By suppressing, repressing and ignoring our emotional conditioning and stress we can manifest dis-ease and a lack of wellness on a physical level.

My job is to help you unravel thought patterns and behaviours to clarify who you are without your stories. I facilitate bringing awareness to what is causing dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit and helps you shift it out with both vibrational remedies and home reinforcement.

I love what I do and couldn’t do anything else. It is my soul purpose, my life calling and my heart’s desire.

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