Bereavement Practitioner

Julie Delmar Psychotherapy & Counselling
Address: 62A Trafalgar Street
Inner West
Sydney NSW 2038
Face to Face
Languages spoken: English
Insurance: Yes
Qualifications: MA (Hons) Psychology
Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy (MCAP)
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Dip.Hyp.)
Advanced Certificate- Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Accredited Crisis Telephone Counsellor
Governing Body: PACFA Clinical Member (23033), ARCAP, ASSERT (NSW), PCHA, HCA, BSCH Full Clinical Registrant (6226)
Specialities: Trauma, Grief and Loss.
Relationship, Relationship Diversities & Sex Therapy.
Depression, Stress & Anxiety.
Life Transition, Direction & Purpose.
Working with Children Check: Yes
Working with Children Check number: WWC1066620E
Availability: Mon – Fri 7am-8pm and Sat – 10am -1pm
Contact Phone Number: 0435 200 587
Website Address:
Description: I am a highly experienced therapist bringing over two decades of training and knowledge to my clinical therapeutic work. I provide flexible, diverse and inclusive therapy for adults, families, children, adolescents, couples & corporate clients. Face-to-face in Sydney’s Inner West, Australia as well as E-therapy worldwide by phone, Skype and Zoom.
My approach to therapy is collaborative. As a pluralistic practitioner I use a wide variety of tools, methods and ideas in my practice. Integrating up to date thinking, research, evidence-based techniques and elements from a variety of modalities. We collaborate, talk, listen and share decisions about what you want and what will be the most effective way for you to achieve this. I work from the premise that each person is unique and may require different things from therapy and their therapist at any given time. No matter where you’re located or what you’re going through, there is hope. Together we will explore your experiences and make decisions about what you need to do to: improve your overall wellbeing, restore hope and re-establish connections. New to therapy or experienced, I am happy to answer all your questions. Please contact me by txt phone or e-mail to talk about how I can help or support you. If I am not available at the time I always aim to get back to you within 24hrs. Julie – 0435 200 587 :
Address: North West Sydney NSW
In person, telephone, skype & outreach travel within 100km of North West Sydney
Insurance: Yes
Qualifications: Accredited Mental Health Social Worker – BSW, Cert. Mental Health
Trauma informed and trained practitioner
Governing Body: AASW
Specialities: Extensive counselling experience with individuals,couples & families providing:
Trauma counselling( including PTSD & CPTSD), crisis and critical incident counselling, depression, anxiety, family violence, grief/loss and bereavement, carers, peri and post natal counselling
Working with Children Check: Yes
Working with Children Check number: WWWC0562946E
Police check: Yes
Police check number #: NCHRC – 2019 – 34825
Availability: By appointment – contact mobile
Contact Phone Number: 0490 697 289
Description: I am a registered Social Worker and a Accredited Mental Health Social Worker. I have close to 20 years’ experience in the government and non-government sectors within the community and health sectors – working with children, adolescents, adults, families and groups.
Joy Fairhall Mind Body Joy
Address: Golden Beach and Mitcham Vic
Zoom, phone, in person Golden Beach and MItcham
Languages spoken: English
Insurance: Yes
Qualifications: Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, Grief and Palliative support, Master Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and NLP Reiki Master, Mindfulness and Meditation trainer and facilitator
Specialities: Grief and trauma – Teenage – Adults and families.Mindfulness and Meditation 1:1 and group
Working with Children Check: Yes
Working with Children Check number: 0330432A-01
Police check: Yes
Police check number #: NSS001
Availability: felxible and by appointment
Contact Phone Number: 0439 564 385
Website Address: Mind Body Joy
Description: Fire Grief Support – Free to those affected by the recent fires 45 minutes
When you just need to talk to someone when emotions overwhelm with the effect of the devastating fire call Joy and share the load. Talking is one of the biggest reliefs when grieving and talking with someone who truly understands makes it so much easier to talk openly.
Free support and a free technique to help calm and reduce stress and anxiety will be provided in a 45-minute call.